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Summer is coming!

May 6, 2012

The planets continue to be mixed up and at odds with each other throughout the next three months.  However the timely arrival of Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini promise a bright start to June and the summer months.

Between the 9th May and 27th June we have some beneficial influences from Mercury and Venus.

The 6th May brings the annual full moon in Scorpio.  Intense, brooding and unpredictable. Perhaps a little chilly too! Best not to plan a  B.B.Q this Bank Holiday Monday!

Any tensions lurking underneath the surface will come to the fore.  Paving the way for a clearer and better feeling all round after the 7th May.

On the 10th May the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus harmonise well with the Moon in Capricorn.  A very earthy and practical combination.  A time to get things done and forge ahead with plans.

On the 25th May  Mercury  moves on into the sign of Gemini.

This really is going to be a summer to remember for Taurus & Gemini (or indeed anyone who has a strong influence of that sign in their personal Birth Chart.)

It is a time for love, success and celebrations. There might even be more money for us all as money planets liven up.

The Jubilee celebrations should kick the summer off to a good start with the extra Bank Holiday in June.  The feel good factor will return to Britain and everyone will be in a more sociable and partying mood.

The Sun, Venus, Mercury in Gemini is joined by Jupiter bringing wonderful things in June.

Neptune in Pisces will sit comfortably with this and encourage us all to be more creative  as well as inventive.  We will all have ideas and plans to make our lives easier.

On the 27th June Mercury arrives in Leo.  This is excellent for the three fire signs, of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.  For the rest of you , beware of being too blunt or too outrageous when the feel good factor takes hold! 

Fortunately Mars in Virgo will exercise caution and brings a little order to things.  However this influence will help bring secret ambitions to then fore and many of  you will be considering a new job, or long awaited house move.

It is a summer to remember for many reasons.

The Queen, who celebrates her Jubilee of sixty years on the throne, must be congratulated.  As she is a sun sign Taurus with Leo Moon, she was born to Rule, thrive and succeed.



Why is the Moon sign so important?

Many of you know that when you come to see me I look up the date of birth of either yourself, or that of someone close to you, in order to find where the Moon was at your time of birth.  It is of great importance and I will write more about this next time. 

For now………..   Have a wonderful summer!



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